Austrian Folk, Country Blues, Soul, Jazz with a touch of North American Folk and Blues

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The Ötscherer grew up in one of the most fascinating and lonely valleys in Austria located at the foot of the Ötscher mountain.

As a singer and songwriter, always accompanied by his guitar, he narrates in his folk, country blues, soul and jazz songs about his life, influenced by his travels around the world and from his homeland.

Themes and rhythms about life, power and magic. The lyrics in the Austrian dialect get under your skin and touch, the refrains invite you to sing along.

Grooving instrumental themes, as well as songs in English complete the program.








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NEW – rerelease of this classic album by Ötscherer – March 2022  – Label Newton/ Austria 

listen + purchase @ Amazon Music Album ÖTSCHERER  - I geh da net fuat 



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TALULAH NEIRA – Woman´s Voice in Reggae and Ska / Chile

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Quique Neira /Chile multiple awarded Latin Reggae Icon





30 Jahre Tanzgruppe AIRES DE MI TIERRA in Wien

Aires de Mi Tierra tritt regelmäßig bei Sommerfesten, am Tag des Kindes der Wiener Kinderfreunde und bei vielen  multikulturellen Festivals in Wien und Umgebung auf  Im Jahr 2014 gewannen sie den dritten Preis im Dance Festival unbenannt-2der ATIB   Aires de Mi Tierra hatte Engagements in Amsterdam (Paradiso, Konzertsaal)/Niederlande, in Bonn (Bonner Sommer 1985) und in Düsseldorf/ Deutschland; in Istanbul, im Swiss Hotel Silvesterabend/Türkei, dem Dance Festival in Lesbos/Griechenland, und vieles mehr…

Tanzvorführung und  „ Mach Mit“  Workshop

Tanz -Programm  aus verschiedenen lateinamerikanischen Ländern, zum Beispiel Mexiko, Kolumbien, Venezuela, Panama, Peru….
Tanz-Workshops für Kinder, Jugendliche und Erwachsene  anschließend an das  Programmen


NEW : Quique Neira “Un Amor” released 22 October 2014

Quique Neira “Un Amor” released 22 October 2014

Quique Neira The new album “Un Amor” by Quique Neira produced by the Jamaican multi Grammy nominated Jason J Vibe Farmer, in Spanish ,English and Portuguese language, counts with such prominent featured guest artist as Ky Mani Marley and Dread Mar I.
”Un Amor” is a timeless album for all to love. A true classic. Living proof that great music still exists! citation Jason J VIBE Farmer musical producer.-
To purchase over Digital Stores ( Itunes,AmazonNokia , Spotify and many more )
featured artist:  Ky Mani Marley, Dread MarI
region:  South America
country:  Chile      release year:  2014      style(s):  Reggae       formats:  Audio File / Digital   /  CD (Compact Disc)
label:  Indipendent CB       musical productio: Jason J- Vibe Farmer

Medley :

Quique Neria

Quique Neira Released 1. Single „Agua de la Fuente“ of the upcoming Album „UN AMOR“


Quique Neira _ Agua de la Fuente _ Single 2014the 1. Single ” Agua de la Fuente “ of the NEW upcoming Album ” UN AMOR” is released

The new album “Un Amor” by Quique Neira produced by theJamaican multi Grammy nominated Jason J Vibe Farmer, in Spanish in English and Portuguese language, counts with such prominent featured guest artist as Quique Neira _ Ky Mani Marley_ 2014
Ky Mani Marley and Dread Mar I.
Release September 2014






Quique Neira Tour Australia 2013


Quique Neira – Album “ALMA” (“Soul”) released in October 2011

LISTEN  TO :   Quique Neira New Album ALMA _ Medley

“Alma” (soul) is the energy of all of us, what makes us unique … what connects us to God,“ says Quique.

ALMA – his sixth production as a solo artist – is certainly the musician’s most mature and personal one.
The album includes some great guest musicians’ performances like the ones of David Hinds of Steel Pulse (Love, Love, Love), Alborosie (Yo Planto), Dogge Doggelito (Ojo) amongst others, conferring the disc internationality.
ALMA, issued under the Chilean label Oveja Negra, contains 20 tracks. Quique Neira composed and recorded ALMA in his own studio, Madera & Agua, in Santiago/Chile, but it has as well been recorded in various studios e.g., in Austria, Switzerland, England, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Sweden, Jamaica. The album was mastered by Jim Fox in Washington, D.C., U.S.A.

Quique Neira South Americas Icon of Latin Reggae


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Quique Neira  (Chile)  the charismatic Icon of Latin Reggae has risen to legendary status in Latin America’s Reggae circles since the 1990’s – His mellow mix of Roots Rock Reggae and Latin rhythms has drawn hundreds of thousands enthusiastic audience  to clubs and large Festivals in Latin America.
Now as well in Europe.

 Quique Neira has a unique voice and is a great live musician, composer and producer.

Listen To : Quique Neira Medley

With his solo albums, he always gets the charts in his homeland.-

Quique Neira released his album Jah Rock (2008 Chile) as well as a European Edition (Label GLM /Munich Germany ) in  June 2010.-

Nordic Sounds meets Indonesia – Villu Veski Estonia & Monica Akihary Netherlands/Indonesia 7.Mai Tallinn & 8. Mai Kuressaare Estonia

Newin the beauty of music countries  &  continents meet  eachother .-

VILLU VESKI – saxophone
TIIT KALLUSTE – accordion

The duo’s programme of folksongs and compositions, „Sounds of the Nordic Islands“ displays the elegiac beauty of Scandinavian folk music in a combination of up-to-date and ancient styles. The musicians: „It’s like a musical travel report from the Nordic Islands, inspired by nature, folk music, legends and myths .

Artist website: http://www.nordicsounds.ee/index.php?id=26762

Monica Akihary   –   BOI AKHI

Guitarist en composer Niels Brouwer and vocalist Monica Akihary are the core of Boi Akih, .developing the  cultural roots – musical traditions from the Moluccas, Sunda and Bali, Dutch (European) jazz and improvised music, classical Indian music and traditional African music – form the basis for composition, free improvisation and text. .Monica Akihary honours her heritage. She writes and sings in her father’s native language Moluccan.-

Artist website : http://www.boiakih.com/boiakih2010/boiakih2010.php