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Austrian Folk, Country Blues, Soul, Jazz with a touch of North American Folk and Blues

Ötscherer web- 141121 -The Ötscherer grew up in one of the most fascinating and lonely valleys in Austria located at the foot of the Ötscher mountain.

As a singer and songwriter, always accompanied by his guitar, he narrates in his folk, country blues, soul and jazz songs about his life, influenced by his travels around the world and from his homeland.

Themes and rhythms about life, power and magic. The lyrics in the Austrian dialect get under your skin and touch, the refrains invite you to sing along.

Grooving instrumental themes, as well as songs in English complete the program.

He performs with his virtuosi friends who are no less than

Hans Zinkl jazz guitarist (with Joe Zawinul, among others) and composer for stage, film and festivals,

as well as

Oliver Gruen Dobro Hawaiian Resonator Guitar guitarist (with Dr. Kurt Ostbahn, Wolfgang Ambros, among others), photographer, author

The cooperation of the three virtuosi promises an exciting program.




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