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TALULAH NEIRA – Woman´s Voice in Reggae and Ska / Chile

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Quique Neira Released 1. Single „Agua de la Fuente“ of the upcoming Album „UN AMOR“


Quique Neira _ Agua de la Fuente _ Single 2014the 1. Single ” Agua de la Fuente “ of the NEW upcoming Album ” UN AMOR” is released

The new album “Un Amor” by Quique Neira produced by theJamaican multi Grammy nominated Jason J Vibe Farmer, in Spanish in English and Portuguese language, counts with such prominent featured guest artist as Quique Neira _ Ky Mani Marley_ 2014
Ky Mani Marley and Dread Mar I.
Release September 2014






Quique Neira Tour Australia 2013


Quique Neira – Album “ALMA” (“Soul”) released in October 2011

LISTEN  TO :   Quique Neira New Album ALMA _ Medley

“Alma” (soul) is the energy of all of us, what makes us unique … what connects us to God,“ says Quique.

ALMA – his sixth production as a solo artist – is certainly the musician’s most mature and personal one.
The album includes some great guest musicians’ performances like the ones of David Hinds of Steel Pulse (Love, Love, Love), Alborosie (Yo Planto), Dogge Doggelito (Ojo) amongst others, conferring the disc internationality.
ALMA, issued under the Chilean label Oveja Negra, contains 20 tracks. Quique Neira composed and recorded ALMA in his own studio, Madera & Agua, in Santiago/Chile, but it has as well been recorded in various studios e.g., in Austria, Switzerland, England, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Sweden, Jamaica. The album was mastered by Jim Fox in Washington, D.C., U.S.A.

Quique Neira South Americas Icon of Latin Reggae


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Quique Neira  (Chile)  the charismatic Icon of Latin Reggae has risen to legendary status in Latin America’s Reggae circles since the 1990’s – His mellow mix of Roots Rock Reggae and Latin rhythms has drawn hundreds of thousands enthusiastic audience  to clubs and large Festivals in Latin America.
Now as well in Europe.

 Quique Neira has a unique voice and is a great live musician, composer and producer.

Listen To : Quique Neira Medley

With his solo albums, he always gets the charts in his homeland.-

Quique Neira released his album Jah Rock (2008 Chile) as well as a European Edition (Label GLM /Munich Germany ) in  June 2010.-

Chiles Latin Reggae – Quique Neira in ‚Austria and Europe review

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Latin Reggae – Reggae aus Chile  in Wien und Europa bekannt zu machen … ein Projekt mit Erfolg … Festzustellen es gibt viele Arten von Reggae –    Quique Neira und Jah Rock Family Band bringenRoots Rock Reggae  voll Charm .und positive Lyrik aus  Latein Amerikas  –

Somit geht der Blick über Grenzen – verbinden sich Kontinente …

Quique Neira , der charismatische Latin Reggae Icon  hat legänderen Status in Latein Amreika – nun ist er auch in Wien und anderen Ländern ein Begriff geworden.-

Quique Neira & Jah Rock Family Band haben  die Herzen der Europäer mit ihren Liedern erobert …


Latin Reggae Night Quique Neira+Band @ Floridita Vienna, 3.Juni 2010 & Chile Charity

Latin Reggae heading to Europe summer 2010

Aufgrund der Erdbebenkatastrophe in Chile wird in allen Konzerten der Aspekt der Spendensammlung für Kinder in den betroffenen Gegenden angesprochen und aktiviert .-

Long lasting intercultural exchange we are very glad to announce

EUROPEAN CD release TOUR „JAH ROCK   29 May – 04 July 2010

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Quique Neira signed a contract with label GLM/ Impulso Germany – CD release – European Edition of   “ JAH ROCK “  – May 2010

QUIQUE NEIRA, the charismatic musician, is „The Icon of Reggae“ in Chile and Latin America

Roots Rock Reggae fused with roots of Latín American musical colors and conscious Lyrics.

Quique Neria Jah Rock Tour 09_L




Quique Neira  promotion MEDLEY ( 7 short tracks)

Quique Neira_ European CD release Tour „Jah Rock“ TRAILER